Their debut-album “Passions”, released in 1989, widely received unanimously positive responses amongst the dedicated press, thanks to the band’s eclectic burning mix of Prog, Power and Epic Metal. MOON OF STEEL’s reputation quickly flew into international status, with the album breaking into the charts in several European countries and also Japan, following an enthusiastic review featured in the popular Metal-Mag "Burnn". After a long break, M.O.S revamped in 1999 with the 4 track Mini-CD “Beyond The Edges” and also participated, in collabration with other bands, in a couple of compilation-albums (“A Tribute To Dream Theater” and “A Tribute to Queensryche”, both released by Adrenaline Records). In 2002, After 3 years of hard and wise work, the long awaited come-back album “Insignificant Details” was released! The new opus demonstrated the band’s massive potential, moving easily from powerful yet melodic compositions to more intimate forays through thrashy rhythmic assaults. “Insignificant Details” perfectly reflecting Moon of Steel's new and modern direction.

In 2024, after more than 20 years, the band returns with a new little gem, “The Road Left Behind”. An introspective song full of atmospheric changes, in pure Moon Of Steel style!

The beginning of a new lunar phase?